Stale content and Content Reviews

Use the system’s Content to Review feature to set dates when page content can be tracked for review from the site’s Dashboard.

Set the review date

  1. Select the page, click the Edit tab.
  2. Beneath the Edit tab, click on Metadata.
  3. Inside the User Metadata section is the Review Date option. Select the date and time for the content to be reviewed.
  4. Click Submit to save.

Form fields allowing for a user to set the review date and time.

Configure your Dashboard widget

  1. From your site’s home dashboard screen, first verify that you have a widget called ‘Content to Review’. If this widget is missing:
    1.  Look at the upper right hand under the Recycle Bin tabs for a button called ‘Add Widget’. Click the button.
    2. When the dialogue box opens, scroll down until you locate the Content to Review widget, select the radio button and then click Add.
    3. Configure the widget by click on the cog icon on the widget’s upper right-hand corner. The widget offers a field to enter the timeframe in days in which “Content with a past review date or a review date within the next XX days” will be filtered. Set your preferred number of days that pages with a review date setting be collated.

Review tagged content

The widget indicator is color-coded:

  • Green – pages with future review dates that fall outside the review day count
  • Blue – pages that are scheduled for review that fall into the review day count
  • Red – pages that are past due

From the dashboard, users have quick access to the colored subsections allowing you to focus on one particular aspect of the Content to Review.

Alternately, you can click on Needs Review In next XX days for access to the full interface.

Dashboard widget for Content to Review

Managing the Content to Review

  1. Export your list of pages requiring review using the Excel icon in the upper right corner of the preview pane (available to all).
  2. Under Actions:
    1. Clock icon – reschedule the review date/time (available to all).
    2. Email icon – select the entries requiring review, select the Email icon and, in the pop-up window, enter the email address and a comment. Click Notify to send the message to the individual(s) responsible for performing the content review.
Content Review interface