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How-to: Fix block content not updating in page

August 07, 2015

A few clients have submitted tickets notifying me that, after updating a block, the related page isn't reflecting that update. Joyce Cleaver over in Financial Aid hit on a solution--thank you for you ingenuity!--which involves merely unattaching and reattaching the block in question. So far, this has proven to work in the two instances reported. As yet, no cause for this odd content disconnected has been found, but please attempt the workaround if you encounter it.

Document Index Block

Accordion file folder icon

August 03, 2015

Web CMS now offers a way to automatically inventory and list documents in a single, searchable, sortable table. The new Document Index Block and corresponding File - Document List Item give users a way to present documents (PDF, MS Office, standard file extension excluding images) in an organized fashion, including the ability to create your own heading labels for extra columns.

Pre-existing documents can be updated from the basic File asset to the File - Document List asset through the use of a new metadata set, giving users a way to configure current documents for use with the Document Index.

Check out the demo on the introductory page. Many thanks to the users who volunteered to beta the block before release. Feedback is welcome, especially if any tweaks are required.