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With use of SiteFarm growing, UC Davis sets end date for Cascade, cPanel

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(Originally posted to the IT Express [tsp-info] list group Jan. 4, 2018)
The campus will retire Cascade as a content management system, and cPanel as a place to host websites, in late 2018. The change comes as more campus units opt to build and manage sites with SiteFarm, a more modern UC Davis web publishing platform, instead of Cascade. SiteFarm is a central service available at no cost to campus units and includes website hosting.
UC Davis adopted Cascade in 2009 to support a more consistent look among UC Davis websites, and to make it easier for non-technologists to update pages. SiteFarm has the same goal, but is much simpler to use. Fully available since April 2017, SiteFarm is currently used by more than 250 sites.
Using SiteFarm can also help units comply with guidance from Chancellor Gary May, stated in a memo on Oct. 31, that “direct[s] all UC Davis units to have clear and approved UC Davis signage/branding on buildings, in print materials, and online.”
The memo does not require the use of SiteFarm but does say it can help campus websites look like they’re part of UC Davis. “[SiteFarm] will make all sites current and fall within the standards of the campus home site,” the memo says. “It’s easy to maintain content on SiteFarm.”
The campus has stopped accepting new customers for Cascade and will do the same for cPanel starting Jan. 31, 2018. Cascade will then be retired on Oct. 1, 2018, followed by cPanel in December 2018.
The campus originally offered cPanel to support Cascade, although non-Cascade accounts also use cPanel. Owners of websites that still use Cascade and/or cPanel can explore options or learn more at
Faculty WordPress sites that ATS offers will not be affected by the retirement of Cascade.


Attend a SiteFarm/Drupal co-working meet-up held every other Thursday in the UC Davis Shields Library.
Please share this announcement with your fellow users and individuals in your management who may need to be involved in discussions regarding your website(s).

Cascade-to-SiteFarm Migration Tools Launched!

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The long-awaited migration tools for transitioning from Cascade to SiteFarm are finally here!

To help you get a strong start and make a thoughtful, organized migration, we’ve created a series of articles for you to read. The information has been designed with the helpful assistance of your colleagues who have participated in the beta migration early testing group.

The documentation will walk you through a checklist helping you to sign up for SiteFarm, request access to the migration tools, and migrate your content. Additionally, it details pre- and post-migration considerations and strategies to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

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Bridge Theme Released

On January 17, 2017 the Web CMS Service announced the release of the hybrid Bridge Theme as a means of building a visual branding consistency with the latest, official UC Davis theme.

Opting to use the new theme is easy to do, especially for sites that are not using any custom styles or JavaScript. Review the details of the write-up for more information and instructions on how to give your site's palette a boost.