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The Web CMS Service offers two training options for new users:

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Take the LMS recorded video training at your own pace.

Live training

None to be scheduled until the new year. Please refer to the LMS training if you need to learn about the CMS before then.

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Service Highlights:

  • Free of charge for eligible groups
  • Language agnostic system
  • Two flexible templates
  • Ability to use custom CSS and JS
  • A growing Widget library
  • Code blocks for dynamic content
  • ServiceNow ticketing system support

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Color band from the bridge theme header

Bridge Theme Released

On January 17, 2017 the Web CMS Service announced the release of the hybrid Bridge Theme as a means of building a visual branding consistency with the latest, official UC Davis theme.

Opting to use the new theme is easy to do, especially for sites that are not using any custom styles or JavaScript. Review the details of the write-up for more information and instructions on how to give your site's palette a boost.

SiteFarm News

SiteFarm logo

Jun 30, 2016

As promised, I will be posting information about the SiteFarm service in this space until such time as the new SiteFarm web site goes live. 

Session Recap: