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New! Image Gallery Block

Sample gallery tile

May 22, 2014

There's a new block in town--the Image Gallery block. You can now display any number of images on either a Flex or Standard page in the main body area. It will tile the images so that, whether your images are of landscape or portrait composition, it will fit everything together nicely. It's already mobile-friendly and will resize according to the screen resolution. It also features a lightbox mode with built-in slideshow. Give it a try!

NEW Link block

May 07, 2015

You guys make great suggestions, you know that? One that has come up several times over the last couple of years is a way to create a list of Featured Links like what the UC Davis home page has in its "Future Students" box. The block has:

  • Title field (optional)
  • a link field for pages, files and external URLs
  • More link (optional)
  • Theme switcher using the approved background color palette
  • Custom class and language options

The block is available in the General section of the Content Library site. You can copy the block to your site and then use it like you would any other block. The Block Usage Chart will help you figure out where it can and cannot be used.

NEW! Multi-column Block

Newspaper icon

May 19, 2015

Have you ever thought, "This would look so much better in a newspaper style"? There's now a way to do just that with the new Multi-column block. Here's the specs:

  • Top-spanned and/or in-line title
  • choose between 2-6 columns
  • select spacing between columns
  • optional line separator
  • images
  • callouts/pull quotes
  • CSS customizations
  • Usable in Flex and Standard page templates' main content areas

Get it from the Content Library site in the General Library's Multi-column block folder.