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Holiday and Service Notice

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November 20, 2014

Service Suspension during Holidays
Please be advised that while Jessica is on vacation customer service will be suspended from Nov 21-30th, but will resume on Dec 1st. Continue to submit your questions and service requests to per usual and she will respond to them when she returns.

Responsive Mode Bug Found
Thank you to Alison Toy from the Tahoe Environmental Research Center for discovering a bug in the secondary menu system of sites rendering in responsive mode. Presently, secondary menus (links to content that normally shows in the left pane) will only show if a block is ALSO attached in the Related Links block attachment region. Clearly there is something wrong with the code and it will need to be diagnosed, fixed, tested and the updated code released. This will be addressed in December as a priority project.

NEW! Videoslider block

Mediaplayer icon

November 13, 2015

Thanks to a suggestion from Tom Fortis, I've built a new block that combines the video and slideshow blocks, resulting in an asset that will display images and launch an in-screen lightbox to play videos.

The block is designed to work with YouTube videos and, just like the slideshow block, you'll want to size your images to the same height and width for consistency of appearance.

Aggiefeed block goes multi

October 28, 2015

Thanks to a suggestion from Viendi Hoang, I've reviewed and found a way to extend the functionality of the AggieFeed block to allow multiple feeds to be listed in a single block.

The original field still exists and is now reserved for single Aggiefeed IDs. A whole new section, specifically for multiple IDs, has been added. 

Also, in case you don't have any posts to display in the feeds you've entered, the CSS that affects the "no posts" message has been updated to display with more appropriate spacing around the text.

How-to: Fix block content not updating in page

August 07, 2015

A few clients have submitted tickets notifying me that, after updating a block, the related page isn't reflecting that update. Joyce Cleaver over in Financial Aid hit on a solution--thank you for you ingenuity!--which involves merely unattaching and reattaching the block in question. So far, this has proven to work in the two instances reported. As yet, no cause for this odd content disconnected has been found, but please attempt the workaround if you encounter it.