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Cascade upgraded to 7.14

March 10, 2016

In addition to the Stale Content Reporting tool already available from your Dashboards, the latest upgrade will now give you even greater control over your content by allowing content assignment and ownership. Now you can formally identify and assign the users responsible for managing the content in your sites. A publisher can one-click to self-assign an asset and a site manager can assign ownership to others.

Find out the details in the write-up.

NEW! Videoslider block

Mediaplayer icon

November 13, 2015

Thanks to a suggestion from Tom Fortis, I've built a new block that combines the video and slideshow blocks, resulting in an asset that will display images and launch an in-screen lightbox to play videos.

The block is designed to work with YouTube videos and, just like the slideshow block, you'll want to size your images to the same height and width for consistency of appearance.