Google Analytics Connector


Read this first

The connector can be set-up, but it won't function correctly until you have entered in your Google account API key and activated tracking in the Site Configuration file's Site components area. Confirm this step is complete and then return to this page.

What is a connector?

Connectors are simply a means by which to "connect" to 3rd-party applications and tools seamlessly with a Cascade Server instance. These tools allow users to take advantage of other applications such as WordPress or Google, via a connection between these applications and Cascade Server that allows the content to be managed and configured within the CMS.


The Google Analytics Connector syncs Google Analytics data with Cascade Server to provide users with basic analytics information for Sites, Pages, Files, and Folders.  Site analytics data can be viewed on the Analytics tab of the Home Area dashboard.  All other analytics data can be found on the Analytics pane of each asset.

How to create a connector

  1. Prior to beginning the process of building your google analytics connector, you must already have your account set up with Google's Analytics service. Once this step is complete, you will need to retrieve your profile ID from the service. You can get the ID one of two ways:

    For the OLD VERSION analytics page where the ID=xxxxxxxx is the profile ID

    For the NEW VERSION analytic page it is the number at the end of the URL starting with p
  2. Now, return to the CMS and select Administration -> Connectors from the main menu.
    New connector set-up 
  3. Select the Google Analytics radio button then click Select.
  4. Enter the following information:
    System Name: the name of your connector widget
    Parent container: no changes are necessary
    Base Path: no changes necessary
    Google Analytics Profile ID: enter the profile ID number as retrieved from your account
    Connector configuration with profile id field

Linking the Connector to a Google account

The Connector needs to be verified with Google.

  1. On the View tab, click Verify.
    Verify the connector 
  2. A new link should appear that says Click here to allow and "Verify" again. The link will open a new window/tab to Google to verify Cascade Server access to the Google Analytics account.
    Allow and verify again.
  3. Next, Hannon Hill will request permission to connect between your connector, Hannon Hill and Google Analytics.
    Hannon Hill's message requesting permission to connect.
  4. Return to you page and refresh it. Click Verify again. A new message will appear at the top allowing you manually import your analytics data. By default, the system will download this information for you automatically every night at 1:30am.  
    Manually download analytic information
  5. To see if the connector is now active, republish your entire site, then pick a page to see if the Analytics link is available on your folders and pages. 
    Page showing the analytics link