Setting an optional banner image

More on banners

Did you know you can also change the font color or background color of your title area? Find out more in the Knowledge Base.

Background banner images can be added and configured by site administrators with role access to the Site Configuration file located in the Base Folder/_configuration/ folder.

For best results, the image should allow for browser resizing and so be sized appropriately to allow for scaling.

Sample background title banner image.

The above is a sample image for the title area background. The original image is sized to 1400px by 292px.

Site title area files section

  1. The background image, in this case 'WebCMSServicesMark.png', was uploaded and attached in this section of the Site Configuration file.
  2. The image was aligned right to adhere the right edge of the image to the title block, and when the browser is resized larger, the image will reveal itself further, from right to left.

Here is an example of an attached background image:

Sample Web CMS banner