What is a repeating content block?

The main content section contains an embedded block called the Repeating Content Block. A lot can be accomplished with the single, default block, but you can do a lot more with several. You can add portable blocks from the Content Library and/or use the text processing area. This section is where you can leverage the greatest amount of flexibility in your page.

Main Content - Page Title

The CMS gives you a variety of ways to use titles on your pages:

  • Display Name - Used for the primary or secondary navigation and breadcrumbs
  • Title - Used for the <title> tag in the web page's <head> region, in the browser tab, and, if the Page Title area is left blank, this information is used for the Page Title
  • Page Title - Appears above the content on the page. If a Title and a Page Title are entered, they can both be unique.

Repeating Content Block section

  • The plus sign [+] will create a new block beneath the previous one. Note: the new block will inherit the exact same characteristics as the block it was created from (e.g.: If the original block has the 'Next block below clears this block?' option selected, the new block will also have that option selected).
  • Next block below clears this block? - Enabling this option will force the next content block to start at a new line below the preceding block as opposed to flowing into it.
  • Heading - The block's title. If you're only using the default block, using this field isn't necessary as the Title in the Inline Metadata section will take precedence. If you decide to use multiple blocks, the Heading field will create a title for each new section.
  • Content - Your word processing area. External text from Word documents and PDFs can be copied and pasted into this section.

Repeating content block layout