Title Area Link Block


Audience:  Managers


When added to the title area extras section of the Site configuration file, the contents and styling of this block will add formatted links to the upper right corner beneath the UC Davis bar to every page in your site. See the training material for more information.


  1. Copy the title-area-link-block into the _user-blocks folder in the location of your choice.
  2. Click Edit and add your own links. Click Submit to save.
  3. Edit the site configuration file and browse to the title area extras section. Attach the block and click Submit to save.


By default the Title Area Link block is styled through the CMS' central files using the CSS class embedded in the HTML of the block. You do have the option of adding your own CSS in a supplemental stylesheet.

How to create a Title Area Link block

Title area link block in the WYSIWYG textarea.

  1. Copy the block to the _user-blocks folder.
  2. Links are included by default, which gives you a starting point to update or erase what's been provided. You can either create the links through the WYSIWYG interface or through the HTML code screen.
  3. When you've completed your list of links, click Submit to save.

How to attach a Title Area Link block

Shows where the title area links block is to be attached.

  1. If you're a site administrator/manager, browse to the Base Folder/_configuration/Site configuration file. Click Edit to access the file.
  2. Expand the file until you can see the Site settings > Site-specific files > Title area extras. Click the block chooser and browse to the Base Folder/_user-blocks to where you saved your title-area-link-block. Confirm the block and then, when you're returned to the site configuration file, click Submit to save.


Example of an attached title area links block

The above image shows the upper right corner of the page with the block attached.

CSS Stylings

HTML code behind the title area link block

All blocks offered in the Content Library have a built-in hook to allow users to create custom stylings via the use of a supplemental style sheet. To date, the following classes have been created in conjunction with the available blocks:

  • Code block - class name: ._code-block
  • FAQ block - class name: ._faq1 (._faq-block)
  • Feature block - class name: ._feature-block
  • Jump menu block - class name: ._jumpmenu1
  • RSS block - class name: ._rssfeed1 (._rssfeed-block)
  • Slideshow block - class name: ._slideshow1 (._slideshow-block)
  • Title area links block - div id: #links
  • Video block - video2.css
  • XHTML Raw block - class name: ._xhtml-block