Event Index Page

Create the Event folder

The folder containing your Event files can be saved to any location in your site provided that, if it is saved inside a folder, the parent folder is one that is used by navigation and its Metadata Indexing is turned on so it is visible to the navigation.

  1. Click New | Files, Folders and Links and select the Folder – used by navigation.
  2. Provide:
    1. System Name
    2. Parent folder location
    3. Display Name
    4. Description (content provided here is used in the sitemap page)
    5. Click Submit to save.

Create the Event Index page

  1. Click New | Pages | Events | Event Index Page
  2. Provide:
    1. System Name
    2. Parent folder location (at the root of your event folder as created above)
    3. Display Name
    4. Title – leave blank
    5. Description (content provided here is used in the sitemap page)
    6. Review the details of how to configure the Event Index Page.
    7. Click Submit to save.

Configure the Event Index

  • Catalog
    • Title - provide a title for your Event Index page
    • Type - select the "Event" option from the drop-down menu
    • Layout
      • Display type
        • Tile - renders your events as columns across the page
        • List - renders your events horizontally one at a time down the page
      • Show image - if a main image is included in the Event Page, you can decide if the images will also appear on the Event Index page
      • Extra page link? - The event title is the default link, but if you want to increase the link's visibility, you can activate the extra page link which will appear at the lower right corner of each Event listing
    • Paginate
      • Paginate number - 10 events will appear as the default, but you can change the number as needed
    • Search
      • Active? - search is disabled by default, but can be enabled for the page. If you do so, remember to publish the Event Index page to update your published index page online
    • Tags
      • Include - displays events that include the tags you list
      • Exclude - excludes events that are given the tags you specifically indicate should not be shown
    • Order
      • Order by
        • A-Z on title
        • Folder order
    • Group
      • Categorize - when activated, this will break the listing of events down by each sub-folder's Display Name
    • Setting
      • Heading level - leave as the default unless you are comfortabe working with semantic HTML headings
      • Language code - if your event page information contains foreign languages, you can provide a language code to assist the proper rendering of proper font charcater
    • Comments - available for your department's internal use; none of the information added here will appear on the published page