Add a Google Chart to your Page

Users are able to insert complex data set information into Flex or Standard pages for visual, graphic outputs using Google Doc’s spreadsheet options. And it’s pretty easy, too!

  1. Begin by creating a spreadsheet in Google Docs. Not familiar with Google Docs? Check out this getting started guide:
  2. Structure your data in the spreadsheet and, next, create a graph or chart: from your data.
  3. Now you can click on the chart frame and then the downward arrow in the upper right corner to access the submenu. Select the Publish chart… option.
  4. A new window will open titled “Publish to the web”. On this window, click on the Embed option which will show a window with iframe code. Highlight the iframe code with your mouse and copy it.
  5. Go to your page in Cascade where you would like to share your chart, click the Edit tab.
  6. Go to the text processing area and click on the HTML icon located on the second row, fourth from the right.
  7. When the HTML Source Editor window opens, paste in the iframe code you copied from your chart’s window.
  8. Click the Insert button, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit to save.
  9. Your graph should now show on your page. Publish your page to the web whenever you’re ready.


This is a chart created using Google Docs' spreadsheet and chart functions: