Relationship Tab

What is it?

The relationship tab can be used by various assets to find out where it is attached and being used, and where used in multiple locations, the Relationships tab can help make the process of publishing faster by letting you publish all the shared assets at once.

Where is it located?

The Relationship tab is located at the top of the Preview Pane in the list of tabs, second from the end on the right.

Location of the Relationship tab in the Preview Pane

How do you use it?

After you click on the Relationship tab for an asset, if this asset is shared/attached with any other assets, the system will list the relationship, including the pathway to that object, when it was last modified and who made that edit.

The Relationship tab's allows you to update a block, find where it's shared using the tab interface, and then publish all the related assets in one step instead of finding and publishing those assets one at a time using the "Publish all relationships" option.

Relationship tab screen