Diagnose Publishing Errors

Occasionally you may find that, even though you were shown a green success ribbon when you publish, when you go to the live page, your updates don't show. How can you find out what happened?

  1. Click on the Home button in the main Cascade menu and look to the Messages widget on your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the grey bar at the bottom that reads "View all xxx messages".
  3. When the Messages screen appears, review the top of the list for your most recent publishing job. Check to see if the listing includes a reference to an issue.
    List example of a publishing job with a related issue.
  4. Click on the list and review the publish log for this particular job. The log will be divided into four sections:
    1. Successful Jobs
    2. Jobs with Errors
    3. Skipped Jobs
    4. Broken Links
  5. Jobs with Errors - This is the first place to look for issues. If there is a problem the text here will appear in red. There can be many reasons why an error occurred, too many to list in this space, but if the issue isn't immediately apparent to you on reviewing the information, you can copy the details and submit them to cmshelp@ucdavis.edu for more efficient assistance. If you see a reference to any of your CSS files, it means that your custom style has broken the page in some way and requires review before it will allow the linked page to publish successfully.
  6. Skipped Jobs - Cascade includes smart filtering which results in the system bypassing any content that hasn't changed since the last publishing job.
  7. Broken Links - If your settings have been enabled to detect broken links, the system will report them in this space, specific to the content on this page or its associated blocks.

See a sample of a publish log with errors.