Tools, Features and Tips

In addition to the how-to documentation provided, Cascade Server also has many tools available to you to assist in the overall maintenance of your site.

  • Automatic Review Content settings - Insert review dates which become part of an automated reminder schedule to review content for outdated material.
  • Content Ownership - Assign ownership of assets to specific users or yourself. Level of access depends on what role you have in a given site.
  • Diagnose Publishing Errors - Steps for finding out why your published content didn't show up online.
  • Drag and Drop Assets - Use your mouse to drag 'n' drop content from one location in the asset tree to another.
  • Link Checking Report - An auto-generated list of broken links related to a single, specific site.
  • Publish Progress - How to tell when your publishing session is completed using Active Jobs.
  • Relationship Tab - Update many pages linked to a single block the easy way.
  • Zip Archive tool - Upload several files all at once using a zip file.