For Managers

What is a manager?

A Manager is a user who has been assigned the manager group role for a single or multiple number of sites, whose responsibilities go beyond the basic functions of adding, editing, deleting and publishing content to include the following:

  • Setting up the site using the Site configuration file, which enacts changes to the entire site on a global level, including site contact, footer details, and banner area information and imagery;
  • Configuring the connection from your CMS site instances to your development and/or production web servers;
  • Replacing and customizing the optional robots.txt and favicon files;
  • Implementing custom cascading stylesheets, JavaScript, or dynamic content from an external database, and;
  • Acting as the primary contact between your site users and the Web CMS Service team, holding the authority to request user accounts be added, modified and removed from sites to which you've been assigned as a Manager. This also includes the ability to request new sites for your department per the Terms of Use document and Memorandum of Understanding signed when your unit was brought on-board.

How fast are you growing?

A lot of departments are happy to work with just one or two sites; it meets their needs and it doesn't need to be complicated. That said, some units have a need for far more than a few sites and, at that point, things start becoming more complicated to manage.

We offer a more efficient way to move forward when you expect a lot of growth and we can introduce you to our second-tier of service support using our Multi-site Model.