Setting your Site Information

The configuration page is divided into four sections, the first one being Site Information, which contains the following options:
Site configuration page's site information section

  • Site title - Required. The text entered will appear in the header section and in the title bar of the browser.
  • Site domain pathway - Provide the URL for your site. This will be used to customize and limit the search to your site first. Be sure to NOT include http:// or https://, or any trailing slashes at the end.
  • Site's home page - By default, this should always be linked to the home index page.
  • Color scheme - Several CSS stylings will be available as University Communications' design team completes them. View the Gallery page to review the default scheme choices.
  • Menu Type - You have your choice of three menu types:
    1. Default- 2 bars: Provides one or two primary menu bars with no drop-down submenus
    2. Drop menu -1 level: Provides one primary menu bar only with drop-down sub–menus. Elements enabled for the second menu bar will not be displayed
    3. Double Drop menu -1 level: Provides one or two primary menu bars with drop-down submenus on both
  • Path to root: By default, this is left blank. It comes into play when two conditions are true: 1) that drop-down menus are enabled and 2) when the site is published, it is pushed to a subfolder in either the development or production server as opposed to the root of the server. The reason this is necessary is that your site's Metafile, a file instrumental in a variety of important processes, knows where it sits on your server so it can provide context as it builds navigation and other services. The Metafile operates as if it's in the root of your server, if this is not the case, that's when this field needs completion. Follow this pathway structure when writing your path to root:
    /yoursubfolder or /Yourfirstfolder/yoursecondfolder
  • Title tag order, options: This option controls how your page and site title information are displayed in a browser's tab or title bar. Your choices include:
    • page title | site title
    • site title | page title
    • page title only