Configure Search and Contact

Search / Contact specifically the search area

Search and Contact >> Search

Search / Contact provides a way to place a Search function and/or Contact information, site-wide, in a high-profile position in the upper right corner of every page. By default, it appears as a text label, but you can opt to display icons instead. The Override section, with a block attached, will override any content in the Search or Contact regions; if anything is attached or included it will not show as the system will deactivate it in favor of displaying the information in the Override section, regardless of whether or not the "active" toggle is checked.

Search / Contact specifically Contact

  • Activate? - Search is hidden by default. Click "Yes" to activate the feature.
  • Google Custom API key - Enter your Google API key. If you're unfamiliar with it, read more from Google's site on custom searching.
  • Sliding input? - Animate the search input box so that it slides out and appears on hover and activates on click.

Search and Contact >> Contact

Search / Contact - Or Person block

  • The Search / Contact >> Contact section contains three ways to attach contact information. Notice the [+] symbol, which allows managers to create multiple contact groupings, each with its own Title.
  • Activate? - Hides the Contact option by default. Click "Yes" to activate the feature.

Search / Contact - Group - Person

  • Contact ->Group - allows you to create multiple contact regions using the [+] option
    Title - Group title (optional)
    WYWSIWYG - Enter in the contact information 

    Search / Contact - Group - Person

    If you've created a Person block, you can reuse it in this location. The Display Options section gives you the option to filter what information from the block will show up.
    Person block - person block chooser.
    Identity? - Yes means that the person name included in the Person block will be used.
    Position? - If a position has been listed in the person block it will be used.
    Position filter - if a different position should be listed, you can list one or more using the [+] symbol. 
    Contact? - Contact info in the Person block will be used
    Contact filter - if different contact information is desired, you can include it here
    Contact type filter - Add multiple forms of contact
    Hours? - If work hours have be provided, you can click Yes to include it, otherwise:
    Office hours filter - You can include custom Office hour information

    Search / Contact - Contact - Person
    Search / Contact - Or block
    Or, attach your own custom Search block using the block chooser.

    Search / Contact
    By default, the system will use text labels. If you check "Use icons?", it will replace the text labels with image icons.