Responsive Design


When Responsive Design is activated for your site, this applies even inside the CMS. As a result, if your browser screen is narrower than the breakpoint of 767px, your view will alter to the mobile view. For the regular view of the site, keep your browser expanded wider than the breakpoint.

Check-box toggle for activating Responsive Design.

To activate RWD:

  1. Select _Site configuration from the asset tree and click the Edit tab.
  2. Expand the label region marked ‘Site settings >> Responsive Design’.
  3. Check the box next to ‘Active?’ and then click the Submit button.
  4. Select the Base Folder from the asset tree. When the folder contents appear in the Preview Pane check Select All, then click on Publish.
  5. Select only your Development environment and click Submit to publish.
  6. If you prefer to test it live, you can publish to your Production server, check it and then, if you need to reverse the process, uncheck the Active? Box for RWD to turn it off, then republish your entire site to remove the RWD elements and revert it back to non-RWD.