Site footer information

Expanded footer section detailing options available in the footer region of the page template

Additional footer content: If you would like to incorporate your own custom solution into the footer, you can create an XHTML Raw block, include your code and use it here. Note the ability to stack multiple blocks if necessary.


  • Mailing address: If completed, this text will appear above the "Questions and Comments" link at the bottom of the page


  • Feedback label: This field should contain the text used for the email link
  • Feedback e-mail: Insert the email address where feedback should be sent. Multiple emails can be included by inserting a comma between email address (,,
  • Feedback application URL: If you already have an application feedback form housed outside of your site, you're welcome to link to it from your page footer
  • Feedback page on this site: If you would like to set-up a feedback form inside of the site, you can do so using the Code block and/or Simple Form Block


  • Help label: If you provide help on-site, insert the text for the page link
  • Help page on this site: The URL for the help page file itself