URL pathway info

On occasion you'll need to know what the URL pathway for a given page will be. Provided that the site domain information was provided at the time your CMS site was created you will be able to retrieve the information. This site domain information should be provided when a new site is requested by a site manager, but it can be added after the fact by sending the information to cmshelp@ucdavis.edu.

To find the URL for a given page

  1. Click on the desired page in the asset tree.
  2. By default the View tab is active and the Content option below in the submenu. Select the Live sub-tab instead. 
    In the View's submenu change the setting from Content to Live to acquire the URL pathway information.
  3. In the area below the sub-tabs and above the content of your page you will find the URL pathway information. This information can be copied and pasted as needed.