Creating a Standard Page

Select and create a Standard page using the following steps:

  1. Click New from the main menu.
  2. From the submenu, select the Pages section.
  3. Choose the Standard page type from the available options:

    Select a new page type from the New > Pages menu

System information

When the new page is opened, the layout will look as follows:

Internal page standard schema

  1. Enter your page name in the System Name field. Remember: System Names MUST be lowercase with no spaces between the words, but you can use an underscore or a dash.
  2. Under Parent Folder, select the file directory where the page will be saved.
  3. Enter the Internal Metadata
    • Display Name (Navigation name) - This information will be listed in either the primary or secondary navigation bar depending on where this page is saved in the asset tree.
    • Title - This content will be used for the <title> tag and the browser title. If the Page title field in the Main Content is left blank, this information will be used by default.
    • Description - Information used by the Site Map page and search engines.
  4. Either click Submit to save your page, or continue entering content. Review the options available to enhance your page: