Adding spotlight blocks

Spotlight block

Example Spotlight

Chancellor Katehi

Example spotlight content highlighting a person.

In addition to the WYSIWYG window, the version 2 template contains additional options that will enhance the page's flexibility. The spotlight block is the third option below the WYSIWYG pane, entitled 'Main content - Repeating content block - Spotlight (optional)'.

This block creates a spot for highlighting stories, information, or people.

  • Title - A title for the top of the spotlight box.
  • Heading level - By default, the heading is set to H3, a level 3 HTML heading. The page already includes the H1 heading for the site title, H2 heading for the page title, and H3 headings for the standard repeating content block titles. Designating the heading level in the Spotlight block assists in ensuring that the behind-the-scenes code flows in an appropriate, readable manner, which is essential for meeting accessibility and code validation requirements.
  • Anchor (optional) - If you would like a different page to reference this spotlight box, you can insert an anchor link that will be embedded into the Title you provide.
  • Standard width - If present, ignore this width section - it's scheduled to be removed. All width settings are available in the Spotlight settings section.
  • Spotlight content - A textbox area for the spotlight verbiage.

Inserting a spotlight block

Repeating content block >> Spotlight (optional) >> Spotlight settings

  • Remove top margin? - Removes default space above the spotlight block.
  • Image's vertical position - gives you three options on where, vertically, the spotlight will be placed relative to its surrounding repeating content block.
  • Width of block content - The drop-down menu offers the option of widest (100%), extra-wide (420px), wide (360px), medium-wide (300px), medium (260px), or medium-narrow (160px).
  • Content box alignment - Determine if the spotlight block floats to the left or right, or none if you want to prevent the text from wrapping around the Spotlight.