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For more information on how to make your Web content more accessible, try these resources

UCOP Accessible Web Resources

WebAIM: Web Accessibility In Mind

In a lot of cases, our users start off with either having an existing site they want to migrate to the Web CMS or having reviewed their content, rewritten everything in Word documents, ready to be used for the updating process. Bringing your information into the CMS couldn't be easier.

The most direct method is copying and pasting your content, whether from an existing web site or electronic document, into a page or block in the Web CMS. When adding new content, there's a few things to keep in mind:

  • Images will need to be uploaded into the CMS site and then re-linked.
  • Tables should only be for data, not for formatting. Please use our default page templates for layout and custom cascading stylesheets for unique presentation.

The majority of the time, the process is smooth and trouble-free. On occasion, odd and unexpected behavior occurs with respect to what appears on your page. If you see different colored fonts, overly large text, odd margins and formatting, this means that when you copied and pasted your content it brought with it some proprietary code from the original source. There are two ways to remove it:

  1. Remove Formatting icon Remove formatting button - this icon will strip away basic formatting like bold, italic and underline so you can start fresh. Paste in your text, highlight the text, then click the Remove Formatting icon to apply this function.
  2. Paste as Plain Text icon Paste as plain text icon - this icon strips out everything; all code, all formatting, all paragraph markers, all bullet and numbered lists. Click the icon, then paste in your text. What you will see is one condensed paragraph of all of your content. From there you can begin the process of breaking it down into new paragraphs and adding in your formatting and links.