How to show or hide pages in the navigation

By default, pages are set to be indexed and included in navigation though users have several different ways to manually exclude content from the primary and/or left pane navigation in a site.

Temporary Exclusion

On occasion you may have reason to exclude pages for a brief time. You can decide if you want to have the system skip publishing a particular asset or still publish, but not include the page in the indexed list of content that will comprise the navigation.

  1. Select the page
  2. Click the Edit tab
  3. Click the System option in the Edit's submenu
  4. Make your changes the the Publish or Index checkboxes
  5. Click Submit to save

Short term solutions for excluding pages from navigation


  • checked means this folder and its contents will be uploaded to the chosen destination on publish (unless its contents have been individually modified to not publish)
  • unchecked means this folder will not be included in an upload, as if it's invisible.


  • checked means that the folder and its contents are programmatically reviewed and listed when navigation is built in either the primary navigation or the left panel navigation.
  • unchecked means that while the folder and its contents exist, the folder is invisible. In the CMS it can only be navigated to using the asset tree. On a development or production website a user will have to already know the URL in order to find and view the pages; provided the folder has published, it will be otherwise be invisible to visitors since it will have been excluded from the navigation.

Long-term navigation settings

The system also gives you a way to permanently exclude assets from the top or left navigation in a more granular way.

  1. Select the page
  2. Click the Edit tab
  3. Click the Metadata option in the Custom Metadata section
  4. Make your changes
  5. Click Submit to save


  • Primary navigation placement* - Choose Top bar or Bottom bar. By default the top bar is used. If you want to add content to the Bottom bar, the second bar has to activated from the Site Configuration page.
  • Include in primary navigation - If the page is located at the root site, you can hide it from the primary navigation by unchecking the box.
  • Include in secondary navigation - If the page is in a subfolder, you can hide it from the secondary navigation by unchecking the box.
  • Exclude from all navigation - Hide the page from all navigation while still allowing to be published to the web site. Note, if the URL is known, the page can still be found and it can be indexed by search engines.