Enabling the right column

  1. To enable the right column, first select the the page and then click the Edit tab.
  2. The Right column content (optional) area is located near the bottom of the page, below the Main content block and above Related links:
    Location of the right column content region
  3. Activating this option will adjust the page's layout to include a right column. You can create a content block for the right column information and attach it here. To enable it, make certain to click 'yes' for the Activate right column?.
    Right column options
  4. You can also add more than one content block to the right column content area:
    Add additional blocks to the right column content area.
     Click the plus sign [+] to create additional content block attachments. When more than one content block is present, you then have the option to add more [+], delete a block [-], and reorder the blocks using the up and down arrows. The (1/2) notation lets you know which block out of how many you're currently viewing.
  5. Be aware that the blocks added will appear in ascending order according to the numeric order you have them listed in the Right column content (optional) area.
  6. See a demo of the right column in action.