Pre-main Region

The Pre-main region is located in the Standard page label, directly beneath the Page Settings section. Historically, this region has not been visible to the user community, but after due consideration, the Web CMS Service decided to make it available in July, 2015.

What is it?

A hidden section of the Standard page template that, when used, will display block content in the page below the primary navigation bar / breadcrumbs and above the main body content and left pane navigation (see the example created and included above displaying the Egghead sculptures).

How does it work?

Pre-main region attachment section

  • Activate pre-main area? - click 'yes' to make any block content attached in this region visible on the page
  • Content block - block attachment region
  • Block settings
    • Remove the border? - click 'yes' to remove the default border around the block content

How do you use it?


What does that mean? Some of the already created blocks may mostly work in this section, but there's no guarantee that you will have the same smooth functionality or presentation as you see with using blocks in other portions of the Standard page template. If you would like to include custom HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript in this section you're welcome to do so, but be aware that since this is a custom region you will be responsible for the development and maintenance of any content added. If creating custom content, the XHTML Raw block is recommended as a good fit for this attachment region.