Understanding navigation

Primary navigation

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By default, pages are set to be indexed and included in navigation though users have several different ways to manually include or exclude content from the primary and/or left pane navigation in a site.

The primary navigation is, by default, dynamically generated. The following explains how to add additional links to the main navigation bar.

  1. From the main menu, select New | Site Assets | Folder - used by navigation. Selecting Folder - not used by navigation will create an internal folder for asset organization only.
  2. The Create panel opens and prompts you to enter a System Name and select the parent folder where the folder should reside. For use in the primary navigation, select the Base Folder.
    Navigation metadata
  3. The Inline Metadata section provides the text that will appear in the navigation bar. Enter a Display Name and a Title. Make certain both Publish and Index boxes are checked.
  4. Click Submit to create the folder.
  5. Once the folder has been created, create an index page (either Flex page or Internal Page - standard) so the link in the navigation bar will have a target destination.

Left panel navigation

Like the primary navigation bar, the left panel navigation is dynamically generated. 

  1. Create a page or edit the Inline Metadata of an existing page. 
  2. The Display Name is the text assigned to the left navigation and breadcrumbs, and the Title is the title text at the top of the page. 
  3. If, for some reason, you don't want the page to show up in the left panel, navigate to Edit | System tab, and uncheck the Index - include when Indexing box.


Breadcrumbs toggle box

Navigation » Breadcrumbs

Located in both the Flex page and Internal page - standard page template types, this option is found under "Page Settings". See the table below for the behaviors and options possible.

Page type Default behavior Alternate Effect
Home page (Base folder/index) Breadcrumbs are off No alternate setting available
Flex page Breadcrumbs are off Can be enabled
Internal page Breadcrumbs are on No alternate setting available

External and internal link assets

You may have cause to add links to navigation that point to external sites or to an internal page that resides a few folders deep, but should still have visual prominence on the site.

External Links

  1. From the main menu, click New | Site Assets | External Link - used by navigation.
  2. Provide a System Name, and browse to the Base Folder for the Parent Folder. Provide a Display Name and then enter the URL in the Link field. 
  3. Click Submit.

Internal Links

  1. From the main menu, click New | Site Assets | External Link - used by navigation.
  2. Provide a System Name and browse to the Base Folder for the Parent Folder.
  3. Enter a Display Name.
  4. Under Internal Link Asset, browse to the page OR file you wish to link to and, if an Anchor point as been previously placed, you can add the name to the Anchor field for a more specific landing destination.
  5. Click Submit.


A reference is a link to a specific page that is saved to the root folder in order to add that link to the main menu. 

  1. Browse to the page that will be referenced. From the page view. click More and from the submenu select Reference.
    Reference option from the More menu 
  2. Provide a System Name and then browse to the Base Folder for the Parent Folder location. 
  3. Click Submit.
  4. A reference icon will appear in the root of the Base Folder of the Asset Tree:
    Reference link