Naming your assets

When working with any of the assets in the CMS -- files, folders, images, pages, blocks, etc. -- there's a bare minimum of information that must be supplied to merely create the asset, absent any actual content.

Assets can have any combination of the fields described below; please pay close attention to the naming convention rules that apply:

The system name, parent folder, display name and page title information are necessary to create most assets.

  • System Name - all assets require a system name. In the case of the page templates, the system name represents the name used in the URL online, so please keep in mind its length. There are three rules where system names are concerned:
    1. All system names MUST be lowercase.
    2. System name cannot have any spaces between the words
    3. Instead of spaces, you CAN use an underscore (_) or a dash (-).
  • Parent Folder - the system wants to know where you want to save your asset. The [/] symbol represents the Base Folder in your asset or file tree, which in turn represents the root of your web site. For example, /about/index.html would publish out to be:
  • Display Name - This text can be sentence or title case. The information included here will be displayed in either the primary or secondary navigation area, your site's breadcrumbs and in the users' browser tabs.
  • Title - The title that is used in the TITLE tag for SEO purposes. This is necessary for page templates, but unnecessary for other assets like images, folders, blocks, etc.
  • Page Title - If no text is added, the information in the Title field will be used by default. If you wish to provide a title that's different from the Title field above, you can do so.