Locking files for safe editing

When more than one person is responsible for maintaining the content in a CMS site there's always the risk of two people attempting to edit the same page at the same time. In such a situation, whomever saves first will have their changes committed to the system. The unfortunate second editor, upon attempting to save the page, will receive back a system message indicating that changes have occurred to the page, would the user like to reload the page? Whether the user answers yes or no, the edits made will be lost.

To avoid such a scenario, the Web CMS Team recommends the following steps:

  1. Select the page you wish to edit from the Asset Tree.
  2. From the tab menu, under View, click the Lock tab.
    Location of the 'Lock' tab.
  3. The Actions box will appear, offering the option to Check out this asset.
    Check out this asset
    Selecting this option 'locks' the asset and, in essence, checks it out in a manner similar to a library book.
  4. With the page checked out, it will now be in Working Copy mode. Other modes are available:
    Current - allows the user to view the current version of the page, which may be identical if no changes have been made to the Working Copy.
    Compare with Current - allows the user to do a side-by-side comparison between the two pages.
    Break Lock - allows the user to immediately break the lock and check the asset back in, giving authorized users full access to the page again.
    Working copy mode
  5. Click the Edit tab and proceed with your changes. Information on how to edit pages is available.
  6. When all edits are complete, click Submit as usual. NOTE: even though you've submitted the changes, the page is still locked.
  7. To check the page back in, click on the View tab if it isn't already active, and click the Lock tab. 
  8. New actions will be available beneath the menu:
    How to commit changes
    You now have the option of clicking Commit changes, thereby accepting the changes and making the asset available again, or selecting 'Break the lock and discard changes' and makes the asset available again.