Feeling Unsure? Train Again!

We want our users to feel comfortable and confident while working in the Web CMS. To that end, you're always welcome to retake our on-line training class. To pre-register for the next scheduled session, just check our home page under the "Need Training?" heading.

The documentation inside this section is meant to take you beyond the initial orientation of the CMS and directly into getting started and becoming productive as quickly as possible. The topics covered address areas of the CMS to which both publishers and manager role types have access; if for some reasion you can't see the regions discussed in any of the training pages, please let the Web CMS Service team know so we can assist you.

New information is added as the Service evolves or as users seeking troubleshooting assistance come to us with questions. If there's a topic you would like to see specifically covered that's not already part of our training section, please let us know.