Creating a new page

The Web CMS Service offers a few different page types for your use, including:

  • Standard page - contains a left panel for navigation and the main body by default. The most commonly used page types for internal pages.
  • Flex page - highly flexible and configurable. This is ideal for home page layouts, index pages in major subfolders and for application layouts where the full width of the available page space is needed.
  • People Index page - A page version of the People Index block, but with the block already embedded in the page. Indexes the contents of folders inside of the /people directly if present. Works immediately inside of the CMS unlike the block which requires the folder to be published to a server environment so the backend programming will run.
  • Person page - A page version of the Person block, but with the block already embedded in the page. The content of the page lists a person's contact and professional or academic information. This can be used independently or in conjunction with the People Index page or block.

Any page can be created using the following steps:

  1. Click New from the main menu.
  2. From the submenu, select the Pages section.
  3. Choose your page type from the available options:

    Select a new page type from the New > Pages menu

  4. Complete the Page options per the instructions provided in the links above.