Creating folders

How to create a folder

  1. Click New -> Site Assets.
  2. Choose either Folder - not used by navigation or Folder - used by navigation.
  3. Create a system name (lower case, no spaces except for a dash or underscore).
  4. If it IS a folder used by navigation include a folder title in the Display Name field. This will be used to build the link for navigation. 
  5. Click Submit to save.

Understanding your folder options

The CMS offers you two types of folders; those that ARE used by navigation and those that ARE NOT used by navigation. What's the difference?

The system is set up to dynamically build your site's navigation for you. This type of folder has been programmatically created to contain the necessary meta data hooks that allow the system to find it and incorporpate the Display Name/Title into either the primary navigation bar or the left panel navigation, depending upon where the folder is saved.

Folder not used by navigation

Under the Edit menu is a Metadata tab, which allows users to check or uncheck the Publish and Index options.

  • Publish
    • checked means this folder and its contents will be uploaded to the chosen destination on publish (unless its contents have been individually modified to not publish)
    • unchecked means this folder will not be included in an upload, as if it's invisible.
  • Index
    • checked means that the folder and its contents are programmatically reviewed and listed when navigation is built in either the primary navigation or the left panel navigation.
    • unchecked means that while the folder and its contents exist, the folder is invisible. In the CMS it can only be navigated to using the asset tree. On a development or production website a user will have to already know the URL in order to find and view the pages; provided the folder has published, it will be otherwise be invisible to visitors since it will have been excluded from the navigation.


This folder type is specifically for the purpose of storing assets (images, Office documents, PDFs, etc.) for use in other locations in the site and intended for organizational purposes. Unlike folders used for navigation, this folder type does not contain the Metadata set (as shown in the image above) necessary to convert this folder into one that can be listed in navigation. If you want to change the nature of the folder after it's created, you'll have to create the proper folder type and move your page and file assets to that new folder.