Upcoming Block

alert iconBe aware that this block is currently only available from the Content Library's General Library folder.

What is it?

The Upcoming Block is meant to statically list upcoming events. It allows users to include the following:

  • Title
  • Month and Day which will display inside of a calendar icon (not to be confused with a full calendar)
  • Text description of the event
  • Link (internal, external, file)
  • More link button
  • Independently style Title and Body areas by way of the Theme Switcher

How to create an Upcoming block

Details of the upcoming block

Upcoming block details showing settings and style

  • Title - can be styled via the Title theme switcher
  • Link text - will display on the page, limited to 80 characters
  • Date: month - displays as part of a CSS-generated calendar icon
  • Date: day - displays as part of a CSS-generated calendar icon
  • Link target - internal, external, file, will be embedded in the link text
  • Settings
    • Language code - for use with properly formatting language output
    • Link to more - optional and will appear at the bottom of the block content
  • Style
    • Title - independent theme switcher
    • Body - indepdendent theme switcher
    • Custom style - field for a custom CSS class