Simple Form Builder


Audience:  Managers


The Simple Form Builder block allows you to create very simple form inputs. The Builder component includes a sample validator.php script for sever-side validation. Knowledge of programming is required in order to manipulate the data input from users.


Copy the following files and folders to the indicated locations:

  1. Copy the Simple Form Builder block into the _user-blocks folder in the location of your choice.
  2. Copy the validator.php file to the same folder where the form page with the block will be saved.

Email submission option:

If you want to have the form data sent to an established email inbox when the user submits the form, then also perform the following:

  1. Copy the email_script.php file from the Content Library folder to the same location as the form page and validator.php file.
  2. Copy the lib/Swift-4.1.3/ folder to your /local_resources/ folder.


By default the Simple Form Builder block is styled through the CMS' central files. You do have the option of adding your own CSS in a supplemental stylesheet.

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