Person Page


What is the Person Page?

The Person page gives users a way to manage more detailed information about faculty, students, staff and any other official category of UC Davis affiliated individual.  Person page provides core public identity information, as well as categorical meta-data relevant to their public profile, including their role and position at UC Davis, their contact information, their office hours. Person block also provides a “Works and content” section for publishing extended content related to their work, career, or position, for example a CV. Works and content can be html content, pdf, word, or other file attachment.

Pros and Cons of Person Page versus Person Block


  • The Person page is convenient -- all the same features as the block, but without having to attach it to a page.
  • Its content can be indexed by both the People Index Block and the People Index Page.


  • The content of the Person page cannot be reused in other locations unlike the Person block which can be attached and resused on multiple pages.

Who can use it?

The Person block is available to publishers and managers.

How to create a Person Page:

  1. Go to New > Pages > People > People Page.
  2. Provide a System Name.
  3. Designate the Parent Folder location as the folder you've created to hold your listing of people and their profiles.
  4. Configure the settings as you prefer. So long as one Person Page profile exists in the folder or one of its subfolders, the default settings will display the results immediately.
  5. Click Submit.