People Index Page


What is the People Index page?

The People Index page provides the same functionality of our current People index pages, but with two innovations:

  1. It provides a listing of only the people pages that are in the same, or subfolders, of the index page itself
  2. It allows people pages to be categorized, by the title of the subfolder in which they are placed
  3. This feature, as currently released in a basic “bare bones” mode, but will allow us to provide more advanced, hierarchical listings of people, in the future

Taking advantage of our new Central Configuration, which allows us to build new pages based on the Flex page model, the People Index Page provides some improvements on the People Index Block:

  1. It is embedded in the page, and therefore doesn’t need to be “attached” anywhere
  2. It displays index listings within Cascade
  3. It is drag and drop: place it in a folder, and it will list that folder’s contents. Move it to another, and it will list that new folder’s contents.

The People index block will still be available, for presenting people listings outside of the /people folder

Who can use it?

The Person Index Page is available to publishers and managers.

Where can you create it?

The People Index Page can be created in a Folder - used by navigation and saved at the root level, or Base Folder, of the site.


How to create a People Index Page

  1. Go to New > Pages > People >People Index Page.
  2. Provide a System Name (if this page isn't named 'index', remember that you have to create an index page for your folder.
  3. Designate the Parent Folder location as the folder you've created to hold your listing of people and their profiles.
  4. Configure the settings as you prefer. So long as one Person Page profile exists in the folder or one of its subfolders, the default settings will display the results immediately.
  5. Click Submit.