Event System


The Event System is loosely based on the same framework as is used by the People Directory System. It uses the following assets:

  • Event folder - Uses a folder - used by navigation and can be implemented anywhere in your site provided that it isn't saved within a "folder - not used by navigation" or with the Metadata's Index turned off.
  • Event Index Page – The primary index page that lists all the events in the folder
  • Event Page(s) – The details of a single event
    • Person page - used if you want to include profile information of one or more guest speakers
  • Event Expiration (optional) - Set an end date and provide an expiration folder to remove Event Pages after the event expires
  • Event auto-publishing (optional) - When used in conjuntion with the Event Expiration, old events are removed and the Event Index page is auto-published to keep the Index up-to-date


Take a look at a working example of the Event System Demo.