Event Publish Sets

Having the Event Page End Date option is a great way to keep out-of-date content off your live site, especially since Cascade unpublishes and archives the content for you. But what about your Event Index page? Just like any other content that's updated inside of Cascade, if it's not published, then the live pages are completely unaware of the changes. If an Event Page is removed, the Event Index will still list the event even though it will point to a broken link. By implementing a Publishing Set you can completely avoid this difficulty.

Note: Only site managers are able to perform this step.

  1. Click on Administration in the main Cascade menu
  2. Select Publish Sets
  3. Create a new Publish set
  4. Check the box to Publish on a schedule
  5. Provide:
    1. Name (same thing as a system name)
    2. Parent Container - do not change
  6. Frequency - decide on the best schedule based on how heavily you use the event system.
    1. Do not republish more frequently than every 24 hours
    2. Publish during non-peak hours, 7pm to 7am
    3. Check the box to have reports sent only when an error occurs
    4. Send report to: type in the user's UID
      A look at the options available in the Publish Set
  7. Next, click on the Folder option for the Publishing set
    Select which files, folders or pages you want published on a schedule
  8. Browse for and attach your expiration folder
  9. Click Submit to save