Event Expiration

The Event system includes the ability to set expiration dates on Event pages. When enabled, the system tracks your pre-chosen date and tracks it against the current date and time. Upon reaching the expiration date, the system will automatically unpublish the page from your live web locations and, in Cascade, move the page to a pre-created folder outside of the /event folder you create to take it out of the flow of the Event system. It will also toggle the expired Event's Publishing and Indexing to the off position.

Create an expiration folder

  1. Click New | File, Folders and Links | Folder - not used by navigation
  2. Provide:
    1. System name
    2. Parent folder location that is OUTSIDE of the event folder holding your Event index page and Event page content
  3. Click Submit to save.

How to set an End Date on any Event Page

  1. Click Edit, then select Metadata
  2. Make the recommended changes to the settings
  3. Click Submit to save.

How to access the end date settings in an event page.

Configure the End Date settings

  1. As shown in the example image below, select an End Date using the date and time picker.
  2. Use the Expiration Folder attachment region to link to your pre-created folder where expired Event pages will be sent after its individual End Date is triggered.

Event end date configuration settings