Document Index block

What is it?

The Document Index block inventories any file that exists in the same folder or any child folder relative to where the Document Index block exists creating a central listing of files.

System components needed

  • File - Document List Item - available from the New > Files, Folders and Links menu to be used specifically for files intended to be listed in the Document Index. Use this File type instead of the default File when uploading documents meant to to be used in the Document Index.
  • document-index-metadata - accessible to managers through the Administration > Metadata menu. This alternate metadata set can be used to update previously uploaded documents to work better with the Document Index by pulling in user inputted information into pre-chosen topic headers and rendering the output in the Document Index.
  • Folder - used by navigation
  • Document Index Block - available from New > Blocks menu and attached to a Flex page template. Once configured, this block will be responsible for pulling in and formatting the output of the list of files on the page

Getting Started

  1. Organize your folder structure for your documents and Document Index page, create folders - used by navigation to contain your files and the page with the Document Index
  2. Create the Document Index Block and configure it to your needs
  3. Create a Flex page to act as the display page for the Document Index and attach the Document Index Block
  4. Upload your files using the File - Document List Item asset and complete the sections in the metadata fields that best fit your needs
  5. Convert already uploaded documents to the proper metadata type to allow them to sync more efficiently with the Document Index

Document Index Functionality

The table displaying your listed documents gives your visitors the ability to:

  • perform text-based searches from the Search box in table's upper righthand corner
  • manually select how many documents to display using the drop-down menu in the Document Index's upper lefthand corner in increments of 10, 25, 50 and 100
  • sort each column by column header in ascending->descending or descending->ascending orders
  • page through the list depending upon how many documents are listed (default number to display is set inside of the Document Index Block) and, if there are more documents than the default display, additional page numbers will become available at the bottom right corner of the Document Index table.

Document Index Demo

Arboretum All StarsSee a list of all the flowers and plants available at UC Davis' Arboretum along with instructions on their care.
Transportation and Parking ServicesGeneral information for parking and transportation options on campus
Admission RequirementsBrochure information for undergraduate admissions, November 2015
Campus ViewbookThe 2015 UC Davis campus viewbook for future undergraduate students
Behavior Services at Vet MedA description of the Behavior unit and its services