Your user settings

Before you do any work in the CMS, it's highly recommended that you visit the My Settings section of the system in order to put some necessary preferences in place.

  1. First, using the Global drop-down menu in the upper left corner, navigate to one of your sites. This process will only work while within one of your sites and won't appear at all if you're still in the Global area.
  2. From the top right corner of your CMS panel, click the My Settings link (found between Quick Links and Help).
  3. The Preferences panel will appear:
    My Preferences panel
  • Language: Set to the default language of your choice.
  • Item List Size: Any panel in the site which lists assets will be defined by the size number entered in this field.
  • After Publishing Assets: Checking this box will revert the user automatically to the publish status page where the publish progress can be viewed.
  • Un-publish on Move / Delete: Probably the most important option on this page. It is strongly recommended that users check this box immediately upon gaining access to the site. Doing so means that if a published asset in the CMS is deleted, the system will automatically unpublish it before deleting it from the CMS. Doing so prevents an asset from becoming orphaned on the web server, rendering it inaccessible except to a systems administer. Note, orphaned assets are still viewable on the web and accessible by search engines.
  • Simple Interface: Checking this box will hide the asset tree (aka file tree) upon start up, thereby giving the view pane the full width of the available screen space.
  • Default Chooser Width/Default Chooser Height: Pop-up chooser windows will open to whatever height and width you set. By default, this is 800 by 800 pixels.
  • Number of search results per type in type-ahead search: The number of search results that will show up.
  • Default Site: If you are responsible for more than one site, you have the option of picking one to open up to on start-up.

Whatever else you may decide to personalize on this page, the most important option is to make sure the Un-publish on Delete option has been checked.