Version control

Cascade CMS offers the option to revert back to earlier versions of your work on a particular page.

  1. Browse to the page whose version history you wish to access.
  2. From the page view, click the More tab and select Versions.
    Version control 
  3. What opens is a history of each time you've clicked Submit to save a page.
    Version history
  4. Click on one of the previous versions to open and view it.
  5. Under the Vew tab are the Viewing options:
    Version options
     - Newer: by date, click through to view newer versions.
     - Older: by date, click through to view older versions.
     - Current: the most recent version.
     - Active: make the older version you're viewing the newest version.
     - Delete: removes the viewed version from the version history.
     - Compare with Current: view the older and current version side by side.
  6. When activating a previous version, the older version chosen becomes the current page, while the previous current page is then archved as a previous version.
  7. You'll have access to up to 60 save points in your Version history. Once this maximum is reached, the oldest version will fall off the list and be permanently unavailable. If there are particular save points you want to retain, be sure to delete other save points to make more room.