Saving content

Best Practices

Tip: New and existing Web pages are saved in the current folder by default. To save your new or existing Web page in a different folder see Move or Rename a Page or Folder.

When you are done creating or editing an asset, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click one of the following buttons:


Click the Submit button to save the page. This will return you to View mode. To launch the Spelling, Accessibility and Link checkers, click Advanced Options.

The Submit button located at the bottom of the asset

Save Draft

Clicking the Save Draft button will save a draft of the page separate from the active or current version. This option will keep you in Edit mode and your work will not be committed to the active version of the Web page until you are ready. When you return to the page, you will be in View mode and the current version of the page will be displayed. To see what the draft version looks like, click Draft:

View draft

When you click the Edit tab, you will be editing the draft version. To view or edit the original (current) page, click the words view or edit:

Edit draft

When you done working on the draft, do one of the following:

  1. Click Submit to merge the draft with the active (current) version of the page.
  2. Click Update Draft to save changes to the draft and keep the draft separate.
  3. Click Discard Draft to get rid of the draft version.

Submit draft


Click Cancel to abort any changes you made.