Locating assets

Locate and open an existing asset

In order to edit an asset (page, folder, file or external link), you must first locate it in the Assets Tree.

Choose the folder where the asset is saved. Next to the page you want to modify, click the Edit button (pencil icon).

OR navigate to the asset from the file list in the Assets Tree. When you click on it, the asset will appear in your workspace. Select the Edit tab.

How to select an asset from the asset tree

Tab options

When you select an asset from the left-hand column, you'll see the tabs menu at the top of the workspace.

A display of the tab options available in the preview pane.

  • View: By default, when you select an asset, it displays in View mode. It will look similar to the way it will appear on the website. Within View, you can select these subtabs:
    • Layout - When the Layout sub-tab is selected, small icons appear. Click the icons to display additional information about the contents (e.g., the main navigation).
    • Preview - Select the Preview sub-tab to view the page as it will appear once published.
    • Live - Select the Live sub-tab to view the page as it currently appears on the live site.
    • Properties - Find information such as the page creator, creation date, who last modified and published it on what date, page title and access rights.
    • Lock - Use the Lock sub-tab to keep other CMS users from accessing or editing the page you are working on.
    • Configurations - Lists the assets that are used to comprise the page: template, main photo, logo, main navigation, etc.
  • Edit: Click this tab to edit the content. Within the tab, you can select these subtabs:
    • Content: The Content sub-tab contains formatting tools similar to those used in other web authoring applications.
    • Metadata: Use the Metadata sub-tab to set the inline metadata.
    • System: Use the System sub-tab to change the publishing and indexing settings.
    • Configurations: Lists the assets that are used to comprise the page.
  • Move/Rename: Use this tab to move or rename a page, folder, or file.
  • Copy: Click this tab to make a copy of a page or folder.
  • Publish: From here, you can publish your pages and folders from the Web CMS to the Web servers.
  • Relationships: Lists all the assets that share a relationship with the asset you're currently viewing. From here you can publish all the related assets.
  • More: Click the arrow on this tab to bring up a submenu with the following options:
    • Delete: This tab lets you send a page to the Recycle Bin.
    • Access: This tab lists Users or Groups who have been granted read and/or write access to your CMS folder. Access rights are determined by your website administrator.
    • Audits: This tab shows the date and time a page was created or modified, and the person who modified it.
    • Reference: Currently not supported.
    • Versions: The Web CMS saves the last 20 versions of the saved page. Using this tab, you can revert to a previous version of the page. It also indicates who last worked on the page and when it was modified.

  Learn more: http://www.hannonhill.com/kb/Page/index.html#editing-a-page

Making edits within a page

Once the page has loaded, editing it in the Web CMS is very similar to editing a Microsoft Word document on your hard drive. Be sure you are on the Edit/Content tab to add or change content.