Logging into to the Web CMS

Best Practices

You must have an account in the Web CMS before you can log in. Contact the Web CMS Team to get an account.

You will be automatically logged out after 8 hours of inactivity in the Web CMS.

To manually logout, click the "Log Out" link in the upper right hand corner of the Web CMS workspace.

If you want to bookmark the login page for the Web CMS, make sure the bookmark link is "http://cascade.ucdavis.edu"

Recommended browsers

The campus Web CMS is a Web-based application accessed through a Web browser. The Web CMS supports the major browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. For optimum compatibility, make sure to use a reasonably current version of your browser of choice. Internet Explorer, technically, works, but currently there is a bug that will not allow IE to insert or edit links. Hannon Hill is aware of the problem and attempting to fix it in future patches.

Logging in

  1. Using your Web browser, go to http://cascade.ucdavis.edu.
  2. Log in using your campus Kerberos username and password.
  3. The main Web CMS window appears.

Planning your site

If your pages are going to contain only text with no other images, documents or embellishments, then your process will be quick and easy. However, most units do want to add some additional elements and enhanced functionality. Doing that means planning out in advance what components you want to add to a given page.

If you follow this general guideline, it will make the development process smoother:

  1. Upload any images and documents you know you want to use in your site.
  2. If you're building complex pages using blocks and images, it's valuable to sketch out what you envision on paper so you can plan which blocks you'll need on your web page.
  3. Copy the necessary blocks from the Content Library to your site and configure them with the information you want included.
  4. Attach the completed blocks to your page, include your text, and review how the page renders to determine if adjustments are needed.