Request a Demo Site

If you've already read through the list of features and benefits the Web CMS Service offers, but aren't yet completely convinced this is the right fit for your department, consider giving the product a try in our demonstration area. 

What the Demo gives you:

  • A stand-alone, hands-on experience to a standard Web CMS site
  • Site manger level access
  • Access to the standard site features, including
    • Content widgets in our Content Library
    • Ability to add your own CSS and JS

What the Demo doesn't do:

  • Allow you to publish content to a live Web server
  • You cannot test server-side coded dynamic content
  • Keep what you build (its a temporary site)

How to get access to a Demo Site

  1. Complete our Demo Site Request Form.
  2. Receive back an email confirmation containing your Demo Site ID and password, along with a link to the Demonstration Cascade Server.
  3. Follow the initial instructions for using the Demo Site's Global drop-down menu to navigate to your unique Demo Site build. This build will be unique to you for your testing purposes.
  4. Try out the service and use our on-line training documentation for additional information.

Next Steps

If you decide you would like to sign-up for the Web CMS Service, please review our Sign-Up page for eligibility requirements. Questions can be directed to the Web CMS Service team at


  • We offer support if you have trouble logging into the Demo Site, but not to assist you in exploring your demonstration environment. If you want to learn more, we invite you to peruse our training documentation or join one of our regularly scheduled on-line CMS training sessions, linked under "Need Training?" on the home page.
  • Your account is valid for two weeks, after which your account will be disabled and your Demo Site build will be purged.