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This form is only for existing clients who have a completed Memorandum of Understanding on file with the Web CMS Service team. New site instances can be requested by the client-designated site liaison(s) who hold a manager or administrator role.

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The Web CMS service provides standard, configurable templates for use in building your new site. Will your new site require any custom design that cannot be created using the provided templates? If so, will you be performing the customization or will you contract Informational and Educational Technology (IET) to provide the customization?
Will you provide your own Web host or will you contract a virtual Web host from the campus?
If using your own host, does it support SFTP or store its files on the campus SAN?
Will all or part of your site content be generated by a Web application, a database or server-side scripting languages?
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Please let us know if you have any additional notes, comments or instructions regarding your new site instance.