Video block is live

September 4, 2013

The new Video block is now available from the General folder of the Content Library. Documentation on how to configure and attach the block is available in the Training area of the site.

The block has:

  • the ability to link to external videos
  • a lightbox
  • social sharing buttons
  • customizable CSS

As mentioned previously, this version does NOT address some accessibility issues and we're already investigating a combination of solutions to resolve them.

New Blocks


Person block and People index are now out of beta and in full production, making them available to all our Cascade users. These two blocks mean you can incorporate a searchable directory system inside your site or make use of the Person block as a stand-alone feature to spotlight the contact and professional details of a single person.

To use the full system:

  1. Email a request to the Web CMS Service team asking to have the /people/ folder structure added to your site.
  2. Read the instructions for using Person block and People Index in the training section.
  3. Configure your blocks and be aware that the People index portion WILL NOT display inside of the CMS; you will have to publish out to a development or production server to see the results.

Up Next: Video Block

Next up on our summer docket is the video player block. We're anticipating a release around the middle of the first week of September and will include the usual write-ups in the Content Library and the Web CMS' training documentation. 

This version 1 release will include a lightbox and generic social media sharing for visitors who view and want to tweet, email, or post your video to Facebook. 

Please note that this version does NOT address some accessibility issues and we're already investigating a combination of solutions to resolve them. The technical lowdown means that the modal box doesn't receive focus, so visitors with screen readers will be stuck inside the lightbox withl few ways to navigate or exit the video block. We hope to make this a priority and release an updated version or alternate solution as soon as possible.

Campus Users Meeting Minutes


Get the latest news from the minutes of this month's Campus CMS Users Meeting.

Search / Contact feature launched

The long awaited default Search / Contact feature is finally available. Managers can access and enable it through each site's Site Configuration file. Documentation on how to configure your Search / Contact is available. Just remember to publish out your entire site for it to appear on all of your site's pages.

Cascade Server upgraded to 7.2.2

Catch up on what the latest upgrade offers you in this month's Meeting Minutes from the Cascade Users' Group Meeting.

Person block is BETA

June 18, 2013

If you've been awaiting the release of the Person block managers can now request to be part of a pre-official release test phase. See the write-up to see what you can configure and view the demo version to view how it turns out and, if you like the offering, email us to be part of the test group.

An illustration of a house designed by artdesigner lv

CMS Open House 2013

We are excited to invite you to the an Open House event where you can learn more about the campus Web Content Management (Web CMS) service. The Web CMS service is available free of charge to UC Davis business and academic administrative units, including colleges, schools, departments, ORUs and other collaborative research units whose Web content is owned by the Regents of the University of California.   

Please join us for live demonstrations and discussions of the service. Explore the service personally at a hands-on station and talk with client ambassadors about their experiences using the service.

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2013
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
LocationAlumni Center's AGR Room
Details: Light food and beverages provided 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Version 1: End of Life

April 15, 2013

This is to inform clients whose sites are based on the older version 1 (pre-March 2012) templates that we are officially terminating support for that template suite. It doesn't mean we won't try to answer questions from clients using the older template. However, we no longer will offer training on the use of that template suite. If your site is still in the older templates, training of new users will be your responsibility. All of our training resources are focused on how to use the current template suite. We haven't had a training request for a V1 site in some time and no longer provide on-line information about the use of the older suite. So, this just formalizes what has been a reality for many months.

If your site is using the older, standard template suite, we strongly encourage you to move your content into the current, supported template suite. We be happy to assist you with the transition from the V1 to current site template. Just let us know when you are ready! Contact us at

User role

Campus CMS Users Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2013

Meeting minutes from the Campus CMS Users Group will now be published to the site. Our meetings often include project updates, feature demonstrations, and question and answer periods for clients seeking assistance on their sites.

You're invited! Meetings are usually every 1-2pm Large Conference Room, Room 2207 on the second floor of the Convention Center Building.

See the meeting schedule and minutes.

Know Your Roles

March 15, 2013

An update to the original article outlines not only the roles, but the extended functions that can be added on to certain groups in your sites.

Drop-down menu icon

Request new sites on-line

February 12, 2013

Established clients with a Memorandum of Understanding on file with the Web CMS Service team can now request a new site via our new on-line form instead of submitting a Word document attachment. Only forms submitted by designated administrators or managers are eligible for consideration.

Check out the New site request form now.

Drop-down menu icon

Google Analytic Connectors!

January 22, 2013

As mentioned in the latest CMS Campus Users’ Group meeting, some changes are going to be made to the administrator and manager roles. Specifically, we’re going to create a series of function options that will give managers a finer level of control. Our first effort is giving managers the ability to create, configure and apply Google analytic information within the dashboard of your sites.

Read the how-to instructions to create your own analytics connector.

Drop-down menu icon

Get your drop-down menus!

October 26, 2012

Unicorns. Aliens. The Holy Grail. Drop-down menus. All things you've heard tell about, but weren't quite sure could ever be real. The day has finally arrived; all admins/managers using the version 2 templates can now access their site configuration file and turn on drop-down menus.

The menus can be turned on or off using a drop-down menu in the site configuration file. The default setting is the same one-or-two bar primary navigation to which you're accustomed, and menu option gives you a one-level drop-down, which is dynamically generated for you.

XHTML block

XHTML block released

October 10, 2012

Although you've had access to an XHTML block through your Asset Factory, we realized that it wasn't in sync with the Internal page - standard and the Flex page, so we've gone back and remedied the issue. The new XHTML block has been revamped and now integrates properly with our growing suite of block modules. XHTML block is a simple block that includes heading level selection, WYSIWYG (with basic image attachment), CSS customization, language customization, and user comments for administration purposes. Be advised that the old XHTML block will be removed from your asset list. For further information, read through our training material in the Content Library section.

slideshow icon

Slideshow block available!

September 28, 2012

We're happy to announce the official release of the slideshow block for use from the Content Library's general library. Instructions on installation, configuration and use are all covered in the Training section under the Slideshow block write-up

Hannon Hill Users' Conference 2012

September 20, 2012

Our Web CMS Service team made it back today after attending the Users' Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by Hannon Hill, the company that created the software we use for our CMS. While Rick Hill held down the fort, Craig Farris, Christian Coulon and Jessica Hayes participated in the two-day event, and even presented our block model design to a rapt crowd. Jessica reports that the presentation was so well received that other conference goers stopped in the hallways, the ladies' room, on the way out to a taxi, and even while in line for TSA security by people offering compliments and asking eager questions to find out more about the model we use here on campus.

Likewise, we attended several presentations and came back with new ideas of how to improve our own CMS and customer service for our clients here at UC Davis.

Our thanks to the folks at Hannon Hill for a fun and successful conference, and to the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center for their fantastic hospitality and amazing presentation facilities.

A Cassie for Jason Aller

September 17, 2012

A hearty congratulations to Jason Aller, the programmer and CMS administrator for UC Davis' School of Law, for winning this year's Cassie Award for Customer MVP, awarded to the Cascade Server customer has been the most helpful to other customers on the listserv, support site, social media, etc. Huzzah and well deserved!

services icon

Form builder goes live!

August 17, 2012

As hoped, the Web CMS Team is happy to announce the release of the new Simple Form Builder block! Targeted to site administrators and managers, the form builder seeks to offer an efficient way to create a form's front-end that's both accessible and code-compliant, and allow clients to configure the back-end in whatever programming language and to whatever medium is required to fit their unique needs. Read up on how to install, configure and use the form builder elements in the training material and then take a look at a live working form as we simultaneously release our "User Modification Request" form to site admins and managers.

We've got the Remedy

July 26, 2012

By early August the CMS Web Service team will be implementing a new service to enhance our level of support. As the CMS service grows we want to make certain your requests don't slip through the cracks. Please continue to email your problems and questions to, and when the Remedy ticketing system starts up your email responses will come back with a ticket number assigned. Keep your ticket number handy so we can track your issue.

New Modules Available

July 20, 2012

Users now have access to the following modules via the Content Library:

Still to come:

  • Form builder block
  • Drop-down menu
  • Slideshow block
  • Multimedia block