Reorder your navigation links

Illustration of a compass

Since your navigation, both primary and secondary, are built in the order in which your pages are created it's reasonable that you would need to change this order, or update it as new pages and content are added to your site. Luckily, re-ordering your navigation is very easy.

The following steps apply to any asset that can be added to navigation, like link items (internal and external), page templates (Flex page and Internal page), and folders used by navigation.

  1. Click on the folder containing the content you want to organize for navigational purposes. This step can include the Base Folder or any subfolder that can be used by navigation.
  2. In the preview pane you will see the folder you picked along with its contents. Each column has a label. Click on the one labeled "Order". This is going to activate the Order column as the column the table is sorted on.
  3. When you hover your mouse over the table, you'll notice that the arrow changes its orientation from pointing upwards to pointing downwards. You can drag and drop any of the files, folders and link items in the table. Once your files are in the order you prefer, you're done -- this is the only place in the CMS where it's unnecessary to click Submit to save.
  4. Best Practice: The index page in your folder should be listed first before any other assets.